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In the Process of a Redesign

During the past year and a half while our family tried to own and operate a restaurant everything else fell by the wayside. In fourteen months I only finished two paintings and didn’t even notice when my server crashed and my entire website was lost. I am now ready to get back to the studio and rebuild my online presence. Hopefully if you return soon there will be much moer to see here.

Mexico en la Piel

Tonight when I got home from work I sat down with my brother-in-law, his wife, and daughter to talk and drink and talk. He drank wine, they sangria, and I tequila. My brother-in-law put on Radio Quelite on his computer which plays Mexican music from all different regions and times. Huapango, danzon, rancheras, chachacha, I love it all. There wasn’t a song they played that I didn’t enjoy. There really is something about Mexico that touches me deeply. I really hope that I have the chance to live there again someday. I want to go back, not to Cancun, but to the heart of Mexico, to live in a colonial town or city and really be able to soak in the culture completely. How odd is it that the thing that most keeps me from being able to do so is my Mexican husband.

Let’s try this again.

So I’ve made an effort at blogging before and I actually enjoyed it. I went back through my Xanga blog not long ago and read my posts and it was so neat to be able to remember what i was thinking about and doing that last year in Cancun. It made me wish I’d done more blogging when I first moved back to the states so I would have a similar chronicle. I did journal some the old-fashioned way so at least I have that.

I had been making little entries on MySpace every now and again but the SonicWall Content Blocker Service has put an end to that. It wasn’t really a forum I ever completely felt comfortable with anyway. I did enjoy posting my post-it notes so I plan on continuing that practice here. The main issue will be finding the time to actually write anything, but I think I’ll find a way.

So here’s a post-it note from yesterday and I hope to be back soon to really get this thing rolling.