Monthly Archives: January 2009

IF: Contained

“They were surprised by what was actually contained inside. 

The contents were much simpler than the facade suggested.”

Container - three quarters view

For Illustration Friday: Contained

recycled hair gel container with paper maché relief, acrylic paint

Container - Top ViewContainer - Side ViewContainer - againContainer - again

This little box is available for purchase on etsy.


“Her resolve was strong. She had kept her chin up and her fist clenched so tightly and for so long that she no longer knew why.”

resolve to let go

For Illustration Friday: Resolve

Pen & Ink & Digital Collage

My resolve is to stop trying to “white-knuckle” my way into being who I want to be but to let go,
to let grace and that peace that passeth understanding take over.

Las Little Lollypins

So, there’s this new site called Lollypins.

They sell little pins with original artwork on them. As I had already made a lot of my post-it note doodles into circular formats for my magnets it was very easy to shrink them a bit and submit them here as well. It’s cool. Take a look….Lollypins