Monthly Archives: December 2017


May not be fated,
but hope that we will always
stay _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .


  • You too often say
  • It’s a long way down from a
  • Miles is exploring
  • Would not want it thought
    I am just kinda like those
    but indeed I am (you might need to add a ‘g’ to the end of this word.)


  • My clay turns into
  • Little guy that doesn’t cry
  • It is forgiven
  • Seems I never stop
  • Nice place to walk in the rain
  • The password you know

need a clue?

Now you know the game
the password can’t be the same
could not be that lame

I won’t be a jerk
but I may want you to work
and on this page lurk

not sure what I’ll do
tonight my words may be few
but here is your clue:

liberal I may be
wanting to help all I see
but a Blank? not me