The School in Nava

La Escuela de Nogal

Escuela de Nogal in Nava

The majority of our week’s work was not actually in Piedras Negras, but 30 miles away in the neighboring town of Nava. Hands and Feet Ministries has inherited and is running a primary school in the neighborhood of Lázaro Cárdenas. This private Christian school serves children in grades 1 through 5 in this low income neighborhood. Not only are the children taught reading, writing and arithmetic but by attending school the children are given the structure that is missing from so many of their lives.
La Escuela de Nogal

Escuela de Nogal in Nava

Unlike most private schools this school is completely free for the children who wish to attend. Not only the tuition, but uniforms, books, and 2 meals a day are offered to the children at no cost to them. When the school lost its funding a few years ago the teachers and staff tried to keep the school open themselves. Hands and Feet Ministries is now running the school but there is so much more they would like to do as funding is available. If you are interested in making a commitment to really making a difference in a child’s life I don’t think you could make a better choice than sponsoring a child that attends this school. Donation Info
Block layers

Our Albañiles: Hallie, Lety, Julio, Diego, Andrew, Deanna and Mike

The construction part of our week was helping to build a new cafeteria and pavilion for the school. Lunch is currently prepared and served in a room that is needed as a classroom. I did not personally lay any block, but several members of our team did. I enjoyed seeing how much progress our “albañiles” made over the course of the week.

Hands and Feet have put together the following video to share more about the work they are doing at the school.

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