Skin Illustration


First pass on the sky June 23

In Ray Bradbury’s “The Illustrated Man”  the title character saw “her painted sign by the road: Skin Illustration!” and went in and got himself covered in tattoos. Though it did not turn out so well for him the phrase has a nice ring to it, so I’ve chosen it to announce the new art technique that I am exploring. I am please to share the news have been been apprenticing at The Celtic Crow in Clarkesville, Georgia for several months now.

I did not share with many people that I was exploring this new art form while I was first learning about it. I was not sure if it was something I would want to pursue or not.  But I am now the proud owner of my own little blue hummingbird tattoo machine and a health department certificate that gives me permission to start tattooing as an apprentice.

My little Blue Hummingbird

I know that most people will want to wait until I am fully out of apprenticeship before letting me use their skin for my next canvas, but my braver friends are welcome to go ahead and make an appointment to get their own piece of my original art they can carry around with them forever.

I will be adding more blog posts and design ideas as I go, but in the meantime I have a little gallery below of what I have done so far. I have actually written  some posts about my first tattoo, a moth that is still in progress, and some filler work on a black and grey sleeve if you want to know more about how the process has felt for me. Hopefully lots more is to come soon.